Insights for navigating change.



Change has been a constant for me these last 10 months, right the way across the board. How can we make the whole process more manageable? And navigate it with more ease?

Faced with multiple competing priorities and shifting scenarios, the internal resources and mindset needed to successfully work with change, not against it, are critical personal and business skills we can and should all develop.

Learning to navigate its challenges with acceptance, adaptability, grace, curiosity, and flexibility has become more important than ever…


🔴 What am I doing to remain resilient and increase my capacity for dealing with uncertainty, disruption and the unknown?

✔ I use structure, focusing on 2 or 3 clear daily goals, healthy food, personalised written mindset prompts (which I bring up on a word doc when I need them), exercise and movement, mindful breathing and the excitement and impact and bringing my vision alive, to help me.

🔴 Am I using the dual processing capability of my logical, strategic mind combined with the intuitive, creative, expansive side of my nature to its fullest, allowing me access to solutions, energy, a more complete set of data, and insights that were previously inaccessible?

🔴 Do I have the skillset and capacity to switch seamlessly between the two when I need to? If not, where am I weaker and how can I plug the gaps?

✔ I personally do and have worked on gaining and continuously developing both every day for the last 35 years. I regularly review my progress and try and remain on top of plugging any gaps. My ideal is a balance of the two, and I believe that this shows up differently for each person.

🔴 Am I able to stand firm and look at my fears clearly – honestly – whilst simultaneously seeing solutions and success, not failure and lack? Do I have the mindset and the internal/external resources to support this?

✔ I’m an 8/10 on this and the 20% – well, I’m better and faster at getting myself out of it – but it hasn’t happened overnight. It takes attention, focus and practice.

While change can bring about exciting opportunities, growth, and new skills and beginnings, it also comes with the complex, the uncomfortable. How we deal with this – and allow it to embolden us – is down to our mindset, our circle of support and our desire to prioritise positive impact over discomfort.

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