About Alison


Alison RobertsI’m a business owner/entrepreneur of 22 years with both start-up and new business experience and a 30 year track record of success in sales, marketing, training (sales, communication skills, personal development) and consulting (communication, marketing).

Throughout my 30 year career I have been aware of and used non-verbal communication. In sales it helped me achieve 93% conversions whilst working at Oral B and a 37% increase in counter sales at Revlon during my first quarter.

In a mentoring, training, coaching and teaching capacity, it helped me reach thousands of clients and deliver empathy/rapport skills using my own method, with a 100% success rate.

Being fascinated by connecting, I soon realised that it was not a case of ‘teaching’ the skills, but giving people the keys to unlock and become conscious of what they were already, to some degree, doing every day and that being receptive – listening – was the key.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Mastering the range and depth offered by empathy, rapport, resonance and social/emotional intelligence has never been more important.

With so much available to separate us from connecting with people, I believe that our relationships, careers, happiness and success depend on it.

Developing my own empathic and communication skills has helped me in every area of my life; in terms of my self-awareness and goals, to parenting, family and work.

My vision is to make re-awakening this natural ability simple, powerful and practical, so that you have access to a new dimension of interaction and richness in daily life.