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Alison Roberts - Communication Expert

Alison Roberts – Advanced communication skills

Background: With 35 years’ experience across a range of sectors and industries, I’ve held senior positions in account management, consultancy, strategy, in sales and marketing roles, as a qualified coach and accredited mentor, and as an owner of six successful businesses.

As a learning and development professional and leadership trainer, I’ve won three awards working with individuals and global organisations to improve their people and business performance.

As a facilitator, I’ve delivered training worldwide for up to 10000 delegates at venues such as Wembley Arena.

Who I am: A life-long learner with a keen interest in personal / professional development, tech, travel, live music, art, health, mindful practice and encouraging others to harness their power and potential.

Advanced communication skills. With 32 years’ experience training people to access a deeper range of verbal and non-verbal skills using my proprietary method, I’ve helped them build better relationships with others and develop greater confidence, connection, and self-awareness.

Industries include Telecoms/Engineering (Ericsson, JCB), Pharma (PSI-CRO), Bio/Tech and AI (Gartner, Google, and start-ups), FMCG (Oral B, Innocent), Financial (BNP Paribas, Arab Bank), Luxury (Lancôme, Estee Lauder) and Retail (River Island, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason).

I’ve always been fascinated by communication, and aware that there are layers of depth which bring increased trust, rapport and connection, that not everyone knows about, or understands how to access. My job is first, to familiarise you with your potential, then to help you access and practice your new found skills using simple yet powerful activities. For most people, improving their communication skills is life-changing:

COACHING: “Alison has a knack of zoning in on what’s important to me and highlighting creative solutions. She sees the whole problem then synthesizes it clearly into action steps.”

MENTORING: “Alison is an incredibly wise and gifted advisor and mentor; her discernment and knowledge make her an insightful and strategic person to have in your corner in any type of situation. Ground-breaking progress and revolutionary transformation.”

Of course, this is just the beginning. Mastering the range and depth offered by empathy, rapport and emotional intelligence has never been more important.

With so much available to separate us from connecting with people, I believe that our relationships, careers, happiness and success depend on it.

Developing my communication skills has helped me in every area of life; in terms of self-awareness to parenting, family and achieving personal and career goals.

By re-awakening your natural ability to build deep rapport, you will have access to a new dimension of interaction which will add a layer of incredible richness to your relationships and daily life.