Why ‘visionary’? Because the Leaders I work with have a strong vision which they inch towards every day.

A vision will wring you out and re-shape you, making you doubt everything and nothing, sacrificing valuable time and relationships, taking detours and challenging you to make a stand for what can seem impossible.

A vision will inspire you.

On my 7th birthday I had a vision of what my life would be like. I was silent and alone in our playroom, minutes before everyone was due to arrive for my party.

I remember staring at the board with pin the tail on the donkey and a large bubble of activity – about the size of a grapefruit, looking like a snowdome – came into my vision.

As I peered into it I saw all the activity that would be my life, my emotions swirling around for a few seconds as several strong images imprinted themselves in my mind, then it was gone.

My VisionAbout 16 years ago, I had a vision that I have been working to ever since. It contains some familiar strands from when I was 7.

It guides my meetings, my communication, my relationships and gives me a sense of value and purpose.

This is what it looked like then although since I first saw it, my interpretation of it’s meaning has expanded.

Those lights are people by the way, and they are how I see the world.

The light is the essence of you, and my work consists of dismantling anything that might keep you from seeing that in yourself and others.

My goal is to do this in a simple, clear and accessible way. Which makes it easier for visionaries like you to lead and make the impact that you know you’re here to do.

In this way, both you and your Organisation stay true to your essence whilst growing into a stronger, more assured version of yourself.

But for that to happen, you must start with a vision.

If you have one, and would like help implementing it, contact me.

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